No - Sorry, we do not. We believe in order to get the best experience, a 1 hour booking is required as a minimum. Regular clients often book 2+ hours as this is the optimal un-rushed duration for a booking. For your best interests, a 1 hour booking is the minimum duration we offer.

We pride ourselves on a high level of service. Girls on our books who do this, will NOT work with us for very long... It is very unusual for an Escort to Cancel a booking. Sometimes however, as is life - this may occur. In this instance, we will inform you as soon as possible via phone (another reason why we do not accept bookings from Private numbers) and we will do our best to offer you an alternative girl and offer a 10% discount off the original price.

We appreciate cancellations are sometimes unavoidable. If the cancellation request is 24 hours in advance, this usually does not cause us too many problems. If however we send a model and you then cancel as she is enroute, we will refuse to send future models.

On Weekends, depending on availability - 1 hours notice is often sufficient, however the more notice the better. Web bookings, please allow 24 hours. We will aim to confirm all bookings faster, but we cannot guarantee this. For a quick booking, please call

Either call the number at the top of the page: 0161 302-1609, or submit your details on the booking form page to send the booking request to us via Email. Please ensure bookings made via the contact form are 24 hours in advance. If you want an immediate booking, please call!

Yes - They do indeed. We do not take any models onto our books with Poor / Bad English.
We believe conversations between the Client and the Model are important for the overall experience - therefore, we do not take on Models who are unable to converse well with Clients. We aim to take on mainly English models, however any models that are from a different country, we ensure there English is fluent and competent enough that it is not detrimental to the booking.

Yes - They are indeed. Every Model we take onto our books is required to provide Identification to validate she is 18+, and all our clients are safe.

Discretion is the nature of our business! Unless you specifically join our Newsletter at the bottom of the page, and Opt-In for email notifications, we will never contact you or send you texts after a booking

We are a Professionally run leading Escort Agency operating in the North of England. We have been Online since 1998, and offer a first class service with only the finest girls on our books.

Unfortunately, we do not accept bookings from Private Numbers for a variety of reasons. Please call back without withholding your number, and we will be happy to accept the booking.

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